filesystem: We can select not just immediate parent DF but all ancestors

I didn't check the specs, but at least experience with real-world cards
(and modems) shows that it's not just permitted to select the immediate
parent DF, but all ancestors of the currently selected file.

So adjust the get_selectables() method to not just return the immediate
parent, but to recurse all the way up and report the FID of any ancestor

Change-Id: Ic9037aa9a13af6fb0c2c22b673aa4afa78575b49
Harald Welte 6 months ago
parent 8e9c844130
commit f5ff1b896e
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@ -194,6 +194,21 @@ class CardFile:
sels.update({ self})
return sels
def _get_parent_selectables(self, alias: Optional[str] = None, flags=[]) -> Dict[str, 'CardFile']:
sels = {}
if not self.parent or self.parent == self:
return sels
# add our immediate parent
if alias:
sels.update({alias: self.parent})
if self.parent.fid and (flags == [] or 'FIDS' in flags):
sels.update({self.parent.fid: self.parent})
if and (flags == [] or 'FNAMES' in flags):
sels.update({ self.parent})
# recurse to parents of our parent, but without any alias
sels.update(self.parent._get_parent_selectables(None, flags))
return sels
def get_selectables(self, flags=[]) -> Dict[str, 'CardFile']:
"""Return a dict of {'identifier': File} that is selectable from the current file.
@ -210,8 +225,7 @@ class CardFile:
sels = self._get_self_selectables('.', flags)
# we can always select our parent
if flags == [] or 'PARENT' in flags:
if self.parent:
sels = self.parent._get_self_selectables('..', flags)
sels.update(self._get_parent_selectables('..', flags))
# if we have a MF, we can always select its applications
if flags == [] or 'MF' in flags:
mf = self.get_mf()