pySim-prog: Use CSV format with headers

This way we can have optional fields like pin_adm in the file
Also require iccid as identifier for the SIM card
Set defaults for optional card parameters.

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Daniel Willmann 2018-06-15 07:31:50 +02:00
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commit c46a4eba43
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csv-format Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
This file aims to describe the format of the CSV file pySim uses.
The first line contains the fieldnames which will be used by pySim. This
avoids having a specific order.
The field names are the following:
iccid: ICCID of the card. Used to identify the cards (with --read-iccid)
imsi: IMSI of the card
mcc: Mobile Country Code (optional)
mnc: Mobile Network Code (optional)
smsp: MSISDN of the SMSC (optional)
ki: Ki
opc: OPc
acc: Access class of the SIM (optional)
pin_adm: Admin PIN of the SIM. Needed to reprogram various files

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@ -405,17 +405,20 @@ def gen_parameters(opts):
def print_parameters(params):
print """Generated card parameters :
> Name : %(name)s
> SMSP : %(smsp)s
> ICCID : %(iccid)s
> MCC/MNC : %(mcc)d/%(mnc)d
> IMSI : %(imsi)s
> Ki : %(ki)s
> OPC : %(opc)s
> ACC : %(acc)s
> ADM1(hex): %(pin_adm)s
""" % params
s = ["Generated card parameters :"]
if 'name' in params:
s.append(" > Name : %(name)s")
if 'smsp' in params:
s.append(" > SMSP : %(smsp)s")
s.append(" > ICCID : %(iccid)s")
s.append(" > MCC/MNC : %(mcc)d/%(mnc)d")
s.append(" > IMSI : %(imsi)s")
s.append(" > Ki : %(ki)s")
s.append(" > OPC : %(opc)s")
if 'acc' in params:
s.append(" > ACC : %(acc)s")
s.append(" > ADM1(hex): %(pin_adm)s")
print("\n".join(s) % params)
def write_params_csv(opts, params):
@ -430,10 +433,11 @@ def write_params_csv(opts, params):
def _read_params_csv(opts, imsi):
import csv
row = ['name', 'iccid', 'mcc', 'mnc', 'imsi', 'smsp', 'ki', 'opc']
f = open(opts.read_csv, 'r')
cr = csv.DictReader(f, row)
cr = csv.DictReader(f)
i = 0
if not 'iccid' in cr.fieldnames:
raise Exception("CSV file in wrong format!")
for row in cr:
if opts.num is not None and opts.read_imsi is False:
if opts.num == i:
@ -450,8 +454,17 @@ def _read_params_csv(opts, imsi):
def read_params_csv(opts, imsi):
row = _read_params_csv(opts, imsi)
if row is not None:
row['mcc'] = int(row['mcc'])
row['mnc'] = int(row['mnc'])
row['mcc'] = int(row.get('mcc', row['imsi'][0:3]))
row['mnc'] = int(row.get('mnc', row['imsi'][3:5]))
pin_adm = None
# We need to escape the pin_adm we get from the csv
if 'pin_adm' in row:
pin_adm = ''.join(['%02x'%(ord(x)) for x in row['pin_adm']])
# Stay compatible to the odoo csv format
elif 'adm1' in row:
pin_adm = ''.join(['%02x'%(ord(x)) for x in row['adm1']])
if pin_adm:
row['pin_adm'] = rpad(pin_adm, 16)
return row