runtime: cosmetic: prnounce file reference data

One of the most important properties of the RuntimeLchan are the
selected_file/adf properties. Let's reformat the code so that those
properties are more pronounced.

Change-Id: I4aa028f66879b7d6c2a1cd102cda8d8ca5ff48b1
Related: OS#5418
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Philipp Maier 2023-12-07 11:12:08 +01:00
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commit c038cccdd8
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@ -170,11 +170,13 @@ class RuntimeLchan:
def __init__(self, lchan_nr: int, rs: RuntimeState):
self.lchan_nr = lchan_nr = rs
self.scc =
# File reference data
self.selected_file =
self.selected_adf = None
self.selected_file_fcp = None
self.selected_file_fcp_hex = None
self.scc =
def add_lchan(self, lchan_nr: int) -> 'RuntimeLchan':
"""Add a new logical channel from the current logical channel. Just affects