euicc: Fix TLV IE definitions for SetNickname{Req,Resp}

The metaclass uese the 'nested' attribute, while the existing code
accidentially used the 'children' attribute.  The latter is used
by instances for actual child classes, while the Class/nested
attribute is for the list of classes whose instancse could be potential

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Harald Welte 2023-12-07 23:29:11 +01:00
parent c20d442695
commit b582c3c7ea
1 changed files with 2 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -245,11 +245,11 @@ class GetEuiccData(BER_TLV_IE, tag=0xbf3e, nested=[TagList, EidValue]):
# SGP.22 Section 5.7.21: ES10c SetNickname
class SnrProfileNickname(BER_TLV_IE, tag=0x8f):
_construct = Utf8Adapter(GreedyBytes)
class SetNicknameReq(BER_TLV_IE, tag=0xbf29, children=[Iccid, SnrProfileNickname]):
class SetNicknameReq(BER_TLV_IE, tag=0xbf29, nested=[Iccid, SnrProfileNickname]):
class SetNicknameResult(BER_TLV_IE, tag=0x80):
_construct = Enum(Int8ub, ok=0, iccidNotFound=1, undefinedError=127)
class SetNicknameResp(BER_TLV_IE, tag=0xbf29, children=[SetNicknameResult]):
class SetNicknameResp(BER_TLV_IE, tag=0xbf29, nested=[SetNicknameResult]):
# SGP.32 Section 5.9.10: ES10b: GetCerts