ts_31_102: Further decode TAI in EF.OPL5G

The TAI is not just an opaque bytestring but it consists of 3 fields.

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Harald Welte 2022-02-25 15:36:44 +01:00
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commit a037762b04
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@ -1033,7 +1033,8 @@ class EF_UAC_AIC(TransparentEF):
class EF_OPL5G(LinFixedEF):
def __init__(self, fid='6f08', sfid=0x08, name='EF.OPL5G', desc='5GS Operator PLMN List', **kwargs):
super().__init__(fid=fid, sfid=sfid, name=name, desc=desc, rec_len={10, None}, **kwargs)
self._construct = Struct('tai'/Bytes(9), 'pnn_record_id'/Int8ub)
Tai = Struct('mcc_mnc'/BcdAdapter(Bytes(3)), 'tac_min'/Bytes(3), 'tac_max'/Bytes(3))
self._construct = Struct('tai'/Tai, 'pnn_record_id'/Int8ub)
# TS 31.102 Section
class EF_SUPI_NAI(TransparentEF):