ts_31_103: finish decoder and fix encoder for EF.PCSCF

The encoder/decoder functions in class EF_PCSCF look rather unfinshed
because of problems with dec_addr_tlv(), since those problems are fixed
by a previous patch we can now finish the decoder function and fix the
decoder as well.

Change-Id: I7613b8b71624dc5802aca93163788a2a2d4ca345
Related: OS#4963
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Philipp Maier 2021-04-30 15:13:57 +02:00 committed by laforge
parent be18f2a419
commit 86b09da61d
1 changed files with 5 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -116,10 +116,12 @@ class EF_PCSCF(LinFixedEF):
def __init__(self, fid='6f09', sfid=None, name='EF.P-CSCF', desc='P-CSCF Address'):
super().__init__(fid=fid, sfid=sfid, name=name, desc=desc)
def _decode_record_hex(self, raw_hex):
# FIXME: this doesn't do JSON output
return dec_addr_tlv(raw_hex)
addr, addr_type = dec_addr_tlv(raw_hex)
return {"addr": addr, "addr_type": addr_type}
def _encode_record_hex(self, json_in):
return enc_addr_tlv(json_in)
addr = json_in['addr']
addr_type = json_in['addr_type']
return enc_addr_tlv(addr, addr_type)
# TS 31.103 Section 4.2.9
class EF_GBABP(TransparentEF):