pySim-shell: extend walk() so that we can also have an action of ADF or DF

The walk() method that we use to traverse the whole file system tree is
currently only able to execute action callbacks on EFs. Lets add a
mechanism that allows us to have a second callback that is executed when
we hit a DF or ADF.

Change-Id: Iabcd78552a14a2d3f8f31273dda7731e1f640cdb
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Philipp Maier 2022-05-31 13:42:56 +02:00 committed by dexter
parent e7d1b67d80
commit 7b138b0d2d
1 changed files with 15 additions and 9 deletions

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@ -483,12 +483,18 @@ class PySimCommands(CommandSet):
self._cmd.poutput("%d files" % len(selectables))
def walk(self, indent=0, action=None, context=None, **kwargs):
def walk(self, indent=0, action_ef=None, action_df=None, context=None, **kwargs):
"""Recursively walk through the file system, starting at the currently selected DF"""
if isinstance(, CardDF):
if action_df:
action_df(context, opts)
files =
flags=['FNAMES', 'ANAMES'])
for f in files:
if not action:
# special case: When no action is performed, just output a directory
if not action_ef and not action_df:
output_str = " " * indent + str(f) + (" " * 250)
output_str = output_str[0:25]
if isinstance(files[f], CardADF):
@ -515,12 +521,12 @@ class PySimCommands(CommandSet):
# If the DF was skipped, we never have entered the directory
# below, so we must not move up.
if skip_df == False:
self.walk(indent + 1, action, context, **kwargs)
self.walk(indent + 1, action_ef, action_df, context, **kwargs)
fcp_dec ="..", self._cmd)
elif action:
elif action_ef:
df_before_action =
action(f, context, **kwargs)
action_ef(f, context, **kwargs)
# When walking through the file system tree the action must not
# always restore the currently selected file to the file that
# was selected before executing the action() callback.
@ -532,8 +538,8 @@ class PySimCommands(CommandSet):
"""Display a filesystem-tree with all selectable files"""
def export(self, filename, context, as_json):
""" Select and export a single file """
def export_ef(self, filename, context, as_json):
""" Select and export a single elementary file (EF) """
context['COUNT'] += 1
df =
@ -643,9 +649,9 @@ class PySimCommands(CommandSet):
kwargs_export = {'as_json': opts.json}
if opts.filename:
self.export(opts.filename, context, **kwargs_export)
self.export_ef(opts.filename, context, **kwargs_export)
self.walk(0, self.export, context, **kwargs_export)
self.walk(0, self.export_ef, None, context, **kwargs_export)
self._cmd.poutput(boxed_heading_str("Export summary"))