wavemobile-sim: write mnc-length field ine EF.AD

The length field in wavemobile sim cards is not set, so that the field
stays at its initial value, which is 0xFF. Lets write the correct mnc
length here.

Change-Id: Ieda0ce864bf3e8c7b92f062eaa3a5482c98507e2
Related: OS#3850
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Philipp Maier 2019-04-01 16:33:48 +02:00
parent 45daa925bd
commit 6e507a7786
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@ -896,6 +896,12 @@ class WavemobileSim(Card):
if sw != '9000':
print("Programming OPLMNwAcT failed with code %s"%sw)
if p.get('mcc') and p.get('mnc'):
sw = self.update_ad(p['mnc'])
if sw != '9000':
print("Programming AD failed with code %s"%sw)
return None
def erase(self):