proactive: Send a Terminal Response automatically after a Fetch

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@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ from typing import Optional, Tuple
from pySim.exceptions import *
from pySim.construct import filter_dict
from pySim.utils import sw_match, b2h, h2b, i2h, Hexstr
from import ProactiveCommand
from import ProactiveCommand, CommandDetails, DeviceIdentities, Result
# Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Sylvain Munaut <>
@ -42,10 +42,7 @@ class ProactiveHandler(abc.ABC):
"""Abstract base class representing the interface of some code that handles
the proactive commands, as returned by the card in responses to the FETCH
def receive_fetch_raw(self, payload: Hexstr):
# parse the proactive command
pcmd = ProactiveCommand()
parsed = pcmd.from_tlv(h2b(payload))
def receive_fetch_raw(self, pcmd: ProactiveCommand, parsed: Hexstr):
# try to find a generic handler like handle_SendShortMessage
handle_name = 'handle_%s' % type(parsed).__name__
if hasattr(self, handle_name):
@ -167,11 +164,50 @@ class LinkBase(abc.ABC):
# need not concern the caller.
rv = (rv[0], '9000')
# proactive sim as per TS 102 221 Setion 7.4.2
# TODO: Check SW manually to avoid recursing on the stack (provided this piece of code stays in this place)
fetch_rv = self.send_apdu_checksw('80120000' + last_sw[2:], sw)
# Setting this in case we later decide not to send a terminal
# response immediately unconditionally -- the card may still have
# something pending even though the last command was not processed
# yet.
last_sw = fetch_rv[1]
print("FETCH: %s" % fetch_rv[0])
# parse the proactive command
pcmd = ProactiveCommand()
parsed = pcmd.from_tlv(h2b(fetch_rv[0]))
print("FETCH: %s (%s)" % (fetch_rv[0], type(parsed).__name__))
result = Result()
if self.proactive_handler:
# Extension point: If this does return a list of TLV objects,
# they could be appended after the Result; if the first is a
# Result, that cuold replace the one built here.
self.proactive_handler.receive_fetch_raw(pcmd, parsed)
result.from_dict({'general_result': 'performed_successfully', 'additional_information': ''})
result.from_dict({'general_result': 'command_beyond_terminal_capability', 'additional_information': ''})
# Send response immediately, thus also flushing out any further
# proactive commands that the card already wants to send
# Structure as per TS 102 223 V4.4.0 Section 6.8
# The Command Details are echoed from the command that has been processed.
(command_details,) = [c for c in pcmd.decoded.children if isinstance(c, CommandDetails)]
# The Device Identities are fixed. (TS 102 223 V4.0.0 Section 6.8.2)
device_identities = DeviceIdentities()
device_identities.from_dict({'source_dev_id': 'terminal', 'dest_dev_id': 'uicc'})
# Testing hint: The value of tail does not influence the behavior
# of an SJA2 that sent ans SMS, so this is implemented only
# following TS 102 223, and not fully tested.
tail = command_details.to_tlv() + device_identities.to_tlv() + result.to_tlv()
# Testing hint: In contrast to the above, this part is positively
# essential to get the SJA2 to provide the later parts of a
# multipart SMS in response to an OTA RFM command.
terminal_response = '80140000' + b2h(len(tail).to_bytes(1, 'big') + tail)
terminal_response_rv = self.send_apdu(terminal_response)
last_sw = terminal_response_rv[1]
if not sw_match(rv[1], sw):
raise SwMatchError(rv[1], sw.lower(), self.sw_interpreter)
return rv