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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
import logging, colorlog
import argparse
from pprint import pprint as pp
from pySim.apdu import *
from pySim.filesystem import RuntimeState
from import UsimCard
from pySim.commands import SimCardCommands
from pySim.profile import CardProfile
from pySim.ts_102_221 import CardProfileUICCSIM
from pySim.ts_31_102 import CardApplicationUSIM
from pySim.ts_31_103 import CardApplicationISIM
from pySim.transport import LinkBase
from pySim.apdu_source.gsmtap import GsmtapApduSource
from pySim.apdu_source.pyshark_rspro import PysharkRsproPcap, PysharkRsproLive
from pySim.apdu_source.pyshark_gsmtap import PysharkGsmtapPcap
from pySim.apdu.ts_102_221 import UiccSelect, UiccStatus
log_format='%(log_color)s%(levelname)-8s%(reset)s %(name)s: %(message)s'
colorlog.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format = log_format)
logger = colorlog.getLogger()
# merge all of the command sets into one global set. This will override instructions,
# the one from the 'last' set in the addition below will prevail.
from pySim.apdu.ts_102_221 import ApduCommands as UiccApduCommands
from pySim.apdu.ts_31_102 import ApduCommands as UsimApduCommands
from pySim.apdu.global_platform import ApduCommands as GpApduCommands
ApduCommands = UiccApduCommands + UsimApduCommands #+ GpApduCommands
class DummySimLink(LinkBase):
"""A dummy implementation of the LinkBase abstract base class. Currently required
as the UsimCard doesn't work without SimCardCommands, which in turn require
a LinkBase implementation talking to a card.
In the tracer, we don't actually talk to any card, so we simply drop everything
and claim it is successful.
The UsimCard / SimCardCommands should be refactored to make this obsolete later."""
def __init__(self, debug: bool = False, **kwargs):
self._debug = debug
self._atr = h2i('3B9F96801F878031E073FE211B674A4C753034054BA9')
def _send_apdu_raw(self, pdu):
#print("DummySimLink-apdu: %s" % pdu)
return [], '9000'
def connect(self):
def disconnect(self):
def reset_card(self):
return 1
def get_atr(self):
return self._atr
def wait_for_card(self):
class Tracer:
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
# we assume a generic SIM + UICC + USIM + ISIM card
profile = CardProfileUICCSIM()
scc = SimCardCommands(transport=DummySimLink())
card = UsimCard(scc) = RuntimeState(card, profile)
# APDU Decoder = ApduDecoder(ApduCommands)
# parameters
self.suppress_status = kwargs.get('suppress_status', True)
self.suppress_select = kwargs.get('suppress_select', True)
self.source = kwargs.get('source', None)
def format_capdu(self, inst: ApduCommand):
"""Output a single decoded + processed ApduCommand."""
print("%02u %-16s %-35s %-8s %s %s" % (inst.lchan_nr, inst._name, inst.path_str, inst.col_id, inst.col_sw, inst.processed))
def main(self):
"""Main loop of tracer: Iterates over all Apdu received from source."""
while True:
# obtain the next APDU from the source (blocking read)
apdu =
if isinstance(apdu, CardReset):
# ask ApduDecoder to look-up (INS,CLA) + instantiate an ApduCommand derived
# class like 'UiccSelect'
inst =
# process the APDU (may modify the RuntimeState)
# Avoid cluttering the log with too much verbosity
if self.suppress_select and isinstance(inst, UiccSelect):
if self.suppress_status and isinstance(inst, UiccStatus):
option_parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(prog='pySim-trace', description='Osmocom pySim high-level SIM card trace decoder',
global_group = option_parser.add_argument_group('General Options')
global_group.add_argument('--no-suppress-select', action='store_false', dest='suppress_select',
help="Don't suppress displaying SELECT APDUs")
global_group.add_argument('--no-suppress-status', action='store_false', dest='suppress_status',
help="Don't suppress displaying STATUS APDUs")
subparsers = option_parser.add_subparsers(help='APDU Source', dest='source', required=True)
parser_gsmtap = subparsers.add_parser('gsmtap-udp', help='Live capture of GSMTAP-SIM on UDP port')
parser_gsmtap.add_argument('-i', '--bind-ip', default='',
help='Local IP address to which to bind the UDP port')
parser_gsmtap.add_argument('-p', '--bind-port', default=4729,
help='Local UDP port')
parser_gsmtap_pyshark_pcap = subparsers.add_parser('gsmtap-pyshark-pcap', help="""
PCAP file containing GSMTAP (SIM APDU) communication; processed via pyshark.""")
parser_gsmtap_pyshark_pcap.add_argument('-f', '--pcap-file', required=True,
help='Name of the PCAP[ng] file to be read')
parser_rspro_pyshark_pcap = subparsers.add_parser('rspro-pyshark-pcap', help="""
PCAP file containing RSPRO (osmo-remsim) communication; processed via pyshark.
parser_rspro_pyshark_pcap.add_argument('-f', '--pcap-file', required=True,
help='Name of the PCAP[ng] file to be read')
parser_rspro_pyshark_live = subparsers.add_parser('rspro-pyshark-live', help="""
Live capture of RSPRO (osmo-remsim) communication; processed via pyshark.
parser_rspro_pyshark_live.add_argument('-i', '--interface', required=True,
help='Name of the network interface to capture on')
if __name__ == '__main__':
opts = option_parser.parse_args()'Opening source %s...' % opts.source)
if opts.source == 'gsmtap-udp':
s = GsmtapApduSource(opts.bind_ip, opts.bind_port)
elif opts.source == 'rspro-pyshark-pcap':
s = PysharkRsproPcap(opts.pcap_file)
elif opts.source == 'rspro-pyshark-live':
s = PysharkRsproLive(opts.interface)
elif opts.source == 'gsmtap-pyshark-pcap':
s = PysharkGsmtapPcap(opts.pcap_file)
tracer = Tracer(source=s, suppress_status=opts.suppress_status, suppress_select=opts.suppress_select)'Entering main loop...')