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Harald Welte 7cd8b76577 bankd: Avoid useless dependency to libosmosim
Change-Id: I015b1a49dbdd19d030acd929b5a935021b77cefa
dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: package could avoid a useless dependency if debian/osmo-remsim-bankd/usr/bin/osmo-remsim-bankd was not linked against (it uses none of the library's symbols)
2020-03-04 19:15:32 +01:00
Harald Welte d7468e0b8c Add --disable-remsim-bankd
This allows builds on small/embedded platforms to avoid all the
dependencies required by remsim-bankd, including libpcsc-lite

Change-Id: I29a1a0131fdfea6742ec12d81228879066b1ff7e
2019-04-03 13:11:57 +02:00