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Harald Welte 43ab79f8c2 remove libasn1c dependency and use asn1c without libasn1c
TODO: re-introduce talloc integration for asn1 runtime

Change-Id: I2140509c5359727f304470249be2a726b9a8deb1
2018-10-03 23:34:21 +02:00
Harald Welte 77911b0091 Add initial remsim-bankd skeleton
This is not a complete program yet, but a rough initial skeleton with
the key data structures in place, as well as the thread / locking model
in place.

Change-Id: I5ad5a1a4918b8eacdaeb7e709ff05dc056346752
2018-08-15 08:56:31 +02:00
Harald Welte 3aa901da56 initial checkin of osmo-remsim
This adds some initial code, particularly the ASN.1 definition of the
RSPRO protocol, related makefile to build it using ffasn1c, and our
usual autoconf infrastructure to build it.

Change-Id: Ibaa993b59e9a65a0242b0f42b27d9cd29f8e1878
2018-08-15 08:54:50 +02:00