client: Add diagram for osmo-remsim-st2 use case

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Harald Welte 3 years ago
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@ -20,6 +20,45 @@ per slot, we can implement the client in blocking mode, i.e. use
blocking I/O on the TCP/RSPRO side. This simplifies the code compared
to a more complex async implementation.
.Overall osmo-remsim architecture using osmo-remsim-client-st2
graph G {
rankdir = LR;
subgraph cluster_0 {
label = "Client";
modem [label="Phone/Modem",shape="rectangle"];
cardem [label="cardem firmware\ne.g. on sysmoQMOD",shape="rectangle"];
client [label="remsim-client-st2"];
modem -- cardem [label="ISO 7816-3"];
cardem -- client [label="USB ST2"];
subgraph cluster_2 {
label = "SIM Bank";
bankd [label="remsim-bankd"];
reader [label="Card Reader\ne.g. sysmoOCTSIM",shape="rectangle"];
b_pcscd [label="PC/SC Daemon\nlibccid driver"];
bankd -- b_pcscd;
b_pcscd -- reader [label = "USB CCID"];
subgraph cluster_1 {
label = "Server/Backend";
server [label="remsim-server"];
backend [label="Back-End Application"];
server -- backend [label="REST Interface"];
client -- bankd [label="RSPRO Data"];
client -- server [label="RSPRO Control"];
bankd -- server [label="RSPRO Control"];
=== Running
osmo-remsim-client-st2 currently has the following command-line options: