bankd: Use gsmtap_inst_fd2()

- Use gsmtap_inst_fd2() because gsmtap_inst_fd() is deprecated
 - Add TODO-RELEASE file

Related: OS#6213
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arehbein 2023-10-30 12:13:05 +01:00
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TODO-RELEASE Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
# When cleaning up this file: bump API version in corresponding and rename corresponding debian/lib*.install
# according to
# In short:
# If the library source code has changed at all since the last update, then increment revision: c:r + 1:a.
# If any interfaces have been added, removed, or changed since the last update: c + 1:0:0.
# If any interfaces have been added since the last public release: c:r:a + 1.
# If any interfaces have been removed or changed since the last public release: c:r:0.
#library what description / commit summary line
libosmocore > 1.9.0 working (compiling) gsmtap_inst_fd2()

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@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ int bankd_gsmtap_send_apdu(uint8_t sub_type, const uint8_t *mdm_tpdu, unsigned i
LOGP(DGSMTAP, LOGL_DEBUG, "sending APDU sub_type=%u, mdm_tpdu len=%u, sim_tpdu len=%u, iov cnt=%u\n",
sub_type, mdm_tpdu_len, sim_tpdu_len, cnt);
const int rc = writev(gsmtap_inst_fd(g_gti), iov, cnt);
const int rc = writev(gsmtap_inst_fd2(g_gti), iov, cnt);
if (rc < 0) {
char errtxt[128];
LOGP(DGSMTAP, LOGL_ERROR, "writev() failed with errno=%d: %s\n", errno, strerror_r(errno,