Software to turn the RTL2832U into a SDR receiver
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Steve Markgraf 849f8efca4 Modernize CMake 3 years ago
convenience cosmetic: Fix "implicit fall-through" gcc 7.3.0 warnings 5 years ago
getopt add local copy of getopt() for win32 build 11 years ago
CMakeLists.txt Modernize CMake 3 years ago unbreak 'make distcheck' with automake 9 years ago
librtlsdr.c lib: Add GPIO version of the bias tee configuration API 3 years ago
rtl_adsb.c Fix inline functions to use 'static inline' 5 years ago
rtl_biast.c rtl_biast: Add rtl_biast 3 years ago
rtl_eeprom.c rtl_eeprom: fix warnings 3 years ago
rtl_fm.c rtl_fm/rtl_power: Improve scanning range parsing 3 years ago
rtl_power.c rtl_fm/rtl_power: Improve scanning range parsing 3 years ago
rtl_sdr.c lib: change default number of transfers to 15 9 years ago
rtl_tcp.c rtl_tcp: Initialize listensocket 3 years ago
rtl_test.c rtl_test: fix build on Mac OS 5 years ago Fixed issues compiling on Windows with MSVC, CMake and NMake (#61) 3 years ago
tuner_e4k.c Correct return code of e4k_reg_write(). 8 years ago
tuner_fc0012.c tuner_fc001x: fix tuning for frequencies < 45 MHz 10 years ago
tuner_fc0013.c lib: enable better UHF reception (>862MHz) for FC0013 3 years ago
tuner_fc2580.c fix a -Wuninitialized warning 11 years ago
tuner_r82xx.c tuner_r82xx: turn off loop-through, remove dead code 5 years ago