Prepare fixup release 2.0.1 with debian/changelog #3

steve-m merged 3 commits from osmith/rtl-sdr:osmith/wip into master 2023-11-03 09:38:48 +00:00

Add debian/changelog entries generated with gbp dch, and update gitignore while at it.

Add debian/changelog entries generated with `gbp dch`, and update gitignore while at it.
osmith added 3 commits 2023-11-03 09:25:09 +00:00
3818ea771a debian/changelog: update for 2.0.0
Change-Id: Iff525cf65a0b74a331a56d03118c222057189066
632c77bf43 gitignore: add files created by autotools
Change-Id: Ie84a7003ee5aa564e9cfaa17dbcde98b504ce2c0
420086af84 Release 2.0.1
Create a fixup release that contains an updated debian/changelog.

Change-Id: Ie7df1b4e2b703d1c562d4394fecb2cf2dc1da594
steve-m merged commit 420086af84 into master 2023-11-03 09:38:48 +00:00
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