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Harald Welte 9a7abe9186 add Cmake generated files to .gitignore 2012-05-20 18:13:34 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov 505f40d9a0 introduce api function to read usb string descriptors
This API allows to read manufacturer and product names as well as the
serial number advertized by the device on the bus.
2012-05-20 16:41:15 +02:00
Steve Markgraf fdc7bc978b add an initial version of rtl_test
This tool allows to check for lost samples (and thus check the USB
connection), as well as benchmark the Elonics E4000 tunable range.
(-t switch)

Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-17 23:51:59 +02:00
Christian Vogel 73f54be2ed #include <math.h> was not needed.
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-17 21:59:01 +02:00
Christian Vogel 589e96e8d8 Using a #define for constant 2^22 (not pow())
pow() might require the math library to be linked with
rtl-sdl (e.g. when compiling with clang), even though
it's actually constant.

Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-17 21:58:53 +02:00
Steve Markgraf c426e94093 rename rtl-sdr.c to librtlsdr.c
Having rtl_sdr.c for the application and rtl-sdr.c for the lib
caused a bit of confusion...

Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-17 21:33:53 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov b345963947 add api version information to the library when building with cmake 2012-05-15 18:14:43 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov 3198f14f44 fix a typo in 2012-05-14 20:48:25 +02:00
Hoernchen f7d9e578a0 tuner_e4k: use empty entry instead of offset for if_stage_gain_regs[]
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-14 19:28:55 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 8dda694101 rtl_tcp: convert command parameters from network to host byteorder
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-13 23:04:09 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov cdfd1cf775 fix a memory leak by unreferencing libusb devices 2012-05-12 15:55:06 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov 5371f206f3 install pkg-config file when building with cmake 2012-05-12 12:34:21 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 2ed8375f39 tuner_e4k: allow frequencies above INT_MAX
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-10 21:07:25 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov 8402124e6f enable i2c repeater mode before applying filter bandwidth 2012-05-07 23:39:30 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov e042c36cb5 rtl_sdr, rtl_tcp: cleaned up gain handling 2012-05-07 22:59:34 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov b290116ac7 rtl_tcp: add handler for freq correction command 2012-05-07 22:38:25 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov e5adc9a3ad rtl_tcp: add handlers for sample rate and gain mode commands 2012-05-06 19:39:39 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov 9167a01248 consolidate program arguments 2012-05-06 00:34:13 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov e9251da6e2 reset internally cached gain/freq values on setter failure 2012-05-05 18:30:13 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov eded5bf5c3 tuner_e4k: fix a typo in choose_rf_filter function 2012-05-05 15:09:01 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 7931aa76c5 tuner_e4k: replace remaining printfs with fprintf to stderr
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-05 14:03:59 +02:00
Hoernchen b6652f33df uhf appears to work better for ads-b
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-05 13:54:24 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov 259e61fb17 document gain api 2012-05-05 12:33:47 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 59198d6342 tuner_e4k: fix off-by-one error in e4k_if_gain_set()
Thanks to patchvonbraun for providing debug logs
that helped to track this beast down.

Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-05 02:19:34 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 86c34428aa use new E4000 tuner driver, allow manual gain
Many thanks to Hoernchen for making the driver work properly
and adding manual gain!

Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-04 23:02:29 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 0af094070f add Compro Videomate U680F
Thanks to Marek Kroemeke for submitting the patch.

Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-05-03 20:58:14 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov cec93754a2 use default xtal freq when 0 is given 2012-04-29 19:51:11 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 721085e1ab fix a -Wuninitialized warning
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-25 22:47:30 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov e5e68c6524 compile with warnings enabled 2012-04-25 22:36:56 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov bad6fb080b introduce api to configure crystal oscillator frequency
Usually both, the RTL and the tuner ICs use the same clock. Changing the
clock may make sense if you are applying an external clock to the tuner
or to compensate the frequency (and samplerate) error caused by the
original cheap crystal.

This commit covers all tuner drivers except of the Fitipower FC2580
2012-04-25 22:32:51 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 8a1d6d69bd add Terratec T Stick PLUS
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-25 17:11:48 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov 5f70efd8d1 return frequency and sample rate as unsigned integers 2012-04-24 20:02:53 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov 680fe5de03 add rtl_tcp utility to gitignore
thanks to Michal Demin for reporting this
2012-04-24 19:14:54 +02:00
Hoernchen eb9a437de7 rtl_tcp: proper linux support
as well as some cosmetic fixes

Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-24 18:04:46 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov e4fef23874 rtlsdr_read_async: buffer length must be multiple of 512 2012-04-22 21:47:00 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov 7ba990981b add a note with patch submission information 2012-04-21 21:38:37 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 35729e7ee4 e4k: disable DC offset correction
This was causing the 'pulsing' of the DC offset spike.

Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-20 23:35:16 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov dd68eb2d22 use fixed (smallest possible) bandwidth for FCI tuners
also fixes c&p error pointed out by
2012-04-19 23:02:53 +02:00
Hoernchen d55b491c43 add initial version of tcp server 2012-04-19 17:51:39 +02:00
Hoernchen 6b99aedc4d fix off-by-one in argument handling
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-19 16:38:31 +02:00
Steve Markgraf e07189cea1 add Compro Videomate U650F
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-18 20:19:50 +02:00
Steve Markgraf f182717b76 add Terratec Cinergy T Stick RC (Rev.3)
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-16 23:54:20 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 84158553ee add Compro Videomate U620F (E4K tuner)
Thanks to Simeon Miteff for reporting this device.

Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-12 01:08:57 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov 7651ff1940 change async cancellation mechnism to make it more reliable
- fixes crashes on windows platform while calling rtlsdr_close()
- makes it possible to restart async reads after cancellation
2012-04-11 00:27:49 +02:00
Hoernchen 24a12a44d1 reorder calls to prevent a crash
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-10 15:17:10 +02:00
Hoernchen 03f3504b41 tell windows that ctrl-c was handled
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-10 15:15:33 +02:00
Hoernchen 0bc846c34c make win32 build actually work
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-10 01:25:00 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 65ac467941 correct LPF coefficient
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-09 18:35:07 +02:00
Steve Markgraf 3ded206470 reset demod after setting samplerate
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <>
2012-04-09 18:35:03 +02:00
Dimitri Stolnikov f5f92ae3fa exit gracefully on SIGPIPE
this will properly free all the used memory when working with a pipe and
closing the other end (think of GRC)
2012-04-09 18:14:39 +02:00