Software to turn the RTL2832U into a SDR receiver
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# This is _NOT_ the library release version, it's an API version.
# Please read Chapter 6 "Library interface versions" of the libtool documentation before making any modification
AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = subdir-objects
INCLUDES = $(all_includes) -I$(top_srcdir)/include
noinst_HEADERS = convenience/convenience.h
librtlsdr_la_SOURCES = librtlsdr.c tuner_e4k.c tuner_fc0012.c tuner_fc0013.c tuner_fc2580.c tuner_r82xx.c
librtlsdr_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info $(LIBVERSION)
bin_PROGRAMS = rtl_sdr rtl_tcp rtl_test rtl_fm rtl_eeprom rtl_adsb rtl_power
rtl_sdr_SOURCES = rtl_sdr.c convenience/convenience.c
rtl_sdr_LDADD =
rtl_tcp_SOURCES = rtl_tcp.c convenience/convenience.c
rtl_tcp_LDADD =
rtl_test_SOURCES = rtl_test.c convenience/convenience.c
rtl_test_LDADD = $(LIBM)
rtl_fm_SOURCES = rtl_fm.c convenience/convenience.c
rtl_fm_LDADD = $(LIBM)
rtl_eeprom_SOURCES = rtl_eeprom.c convenience/convenience.c
rtl_eeprom_LDADD = $(LIBM)
rtl_adsb_SOURCES = rtl_adsb.c convenience/convenience.c
rtl_adsb_LDADD = $(LIBM)
rtl_power_SOURCES = rtl_power.c convenience/convenience.c
rtl_power_LDADD = $(LIBM)