utils/uhd-pinger: Fix scaling when applying RRC

Due to the oversampling only 1/sps sample has data, other are 0.
To keep the same power, we need to scale the filter taps.

Signed-off-by: Sylvain Munaut <tnt@246tNt.com>
Sylvain Munaut 2018-12-17 11:26:43 +01:00
parent c551d5f1d6
commit 2c6a5e0409
1 changed files with 1 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ burst_gen(struct app_state *app)
pulse->flags = CXVEC_FLG_REAL_ONLY;
for (int i=0; i<pulse->len; i++)
pulse->data[i] = rrc_taps[i];
pulse->data[i] = rrc_taps[i] * sps;
osmo_cxvec_convolve(pulse, burst, CONV_NO_DELAY, burst);