USRP1 library (taken from gnuradio where it had been abandoned)
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Oliver Smith 789cad2325 host/lib/ fix 'make uninstall' 4 weeks ago
apps Add RFX2200 to burn-db-eeprom 12 years ago
include Avoid compiler warning 'dynamic exception specifications are deprecated in C++11 [-Wdeprecated]' 4 years ago
lib host/lib/ fix 'make uninstall' 4 weeks ago
misc usrp: cleanup misc usage 12 years ago
swig Extract libusrp, adjust to be buildable standalone 5 years ago
.gitignore Added git ignore files auto created from svn:ignore properties. 13 years ago Moved to single generated fusb.h, headers now generated out of lib directory 13 years ago