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# README -- the short version
The top level makefile handles the host code and FX2 firmware.
Besides the normal gcc suite and all the auto tools, you'll need
the SDCC free C compiler to build the firmware. You MUST
USE VERSION 2.4.0 or VERSION 2.5.0 due to some problems with variable
The high level interface to the USRP using our standard FPGA bitstram
is contained in usrp/host/lib/usrp_standard.h
If you've got doxygen installed, there are html docs in
# Compiling the verilog (not required unless you're modifying it)
If you want to build the FPGA .rbf file from source (not required; we
provide pre-compiled .rbf files in usrp/fpga/rbf directory), you'll
need Altera's no cost Quartus II development tools. We're currently
building with Quartus II 5.1sp1 Web Edition. The project file is
usrp/fpga/toplevel/usrp_std/usrp_std.qpf. The toplevel verilog file
is usrp/fpga/toplevel/usrp_std/usrp_std.v. The bulk of the verilog
modules are contained in usrp/fpga/sdr_lib