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Alexander Huemer ec6adccbbd Extract libusrp, adjust to be buildable standalone 5 years ago
Eric Blossom dc2588910e Major housecleaning. Passes distcheck. 12 years ago
Johnathan Corgan 955964d34b Change calculation of docdir to remove trailer when in git development 13 years ago
jcorgan d375ce46a3 Merged r10504:10528 from michaelld/fix_local_data_install into trunk. Trunk passes distcheck. 14 years ago
jcorgan 85c56a3e99 General housekeeping--removing ancient cruft mostly. 14 years ago
jcorgan 4cf6b1a9c1 Make usrp documentation its own top-level directory. Fixes ticket:149. 16 years ago
eb 117ea8a18b Updated license from GPL version 2 or later to GPL version 3 or later. 16 years ago
gdt 01ac475bac Use paths with $(top_srcdir) so that builds from other than source dirs work. 16 years ago
gdt c51542a004 Avoid non-portable use of $< in non-pattern rule. 16 years ago
eb 7a0001d24a Updated FSF address in all files. Fixes ticket:51 16 years ago
jcorgan 99a9de4013 Houston, we have a trunk. 17 years ago