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Harald Welte d40ef8f001 migrate to python3 1 year ago
Pau Espin d20c118fd2 Fix build for distros with python3 as default 4 years ago
Eric Blossom deea1393ef Remove bogus check for existence of prefix directory. 13 years ago
Jason Abele 57e1f688e6 Increase sleep to prevent eeprom problems 13 years ago
Jason Abele c61b82ff55 Fixed creation of burn-usrp2-eeprom, burn-usrp4-eeprom 13 years ago
eb 117ea8a18b Updated license from GPL version 2 or later to GPL version 3 or later. 16 years ago
eb 7a0001d24a Updated FSF address in all files. Fixes ticket:51 16 years ago
jcorgan 99a9de4013 Houston, we have a trunk. 17 years ago