Makefile.common: LTVERSIONFLAGS: remove -release

Generate the soname from LIBVERSION (initially 1:0:0), instead of VERSION.
This means, we have binary compatibility between each major release
(which we should increase if we ever have a breaking change), instead of
forcing a binary incompatibility for each packaged version (also nightly
packages). This is how we do it in other Osmocom projects, too.

Fix nightly RPM packaging, as we now don't need to add the git commit to
the package name:

[  135s] libusrp.i586: E: shlib-policy-name-error (Badness: 10000) libusrp-3_4_4_4_c46f0
[  135s] Your package contains a single shared library but is not named after its
[  135s] SONAME.

The debian package is already using libusrp1 as package name.

Change-Id: I73b222ea7e2fd0117827f9d6f28b23671068533b
Oliver Smith 2020-05-20 10:45:57 +02:00
parent f96964eea4
commit 2d98f87ade
2 changed files with 7 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -36,8 +36,13 @@ AUTOMAKE += -Wno-portability -Wnone
#AM_CFLAGS = @autoconf_default_CFLAGS@ @lf_CFLAGS@
#AM_CXXFLAGS = @autoconf_default_CXXFLAGS@ @lf_CXXFLAGS@
# This is _NOT_ the library release version, it's an API version.
# Please read chapter "Library interface versions" of the libtool documentation
# before making any modifications:
# Sets ABI version in SONAME and appends -LIBVER to filename
LTVERSIONFLAGS = -version-info 0:0:0 -release $(VERSION)
# includes
grincludedir = $(includedir)/gnuradio

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@ -13,8 +13,7 @@
# license that conforms to the Open Source Definition (Version 1.9)
# published by the Open Source Initiative.
%define sover -3_4_4+git_20190808-0
%define libname libusrp%{sover}
%define libname libusrp1
Name: libusrp
Version: @VERSION@
Release: 0