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Ron Economos a100eb024c Remove Doxygen warnings. 2 years ago
Clayton Smith 1f724162e1 Add Python bindings 2 years ago
Matt Mills f88dc7df2f Fix docstrings in python bindings for gr namespace 2 years ago
Matt Mills 0d727b3ef8 Replace swig with pybind11 for gr3.9 master compat 2 years ago
Sylvain Munaut 5d59e56ff9 build: Update build system to GR 3.8 standards 3 years ago
Sylvain Munaut 982945a477 build: Update CMakeLists.txt copyright header 3 years ago
Dimitri Stolnikov 7703aabf35 python: Remove an old workaround for a swig bug 9 years ago
Dimitri Stolnikov 6c30964893 strip whitespace 11 years ago
Dimitri Stolnikov 0efd28de6b initial commit 11 years ago