GNU Radio block for interfacing with various radio hardware
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Gwenhael Goavec-Merou a6afeaa3a1 lib/xtrx: honouring/using the loglevel parameter
loglevel parameter is never used and let loglevel to DEBUG, with an
annoying flood of message in terminal.

This patch adds a call to xtrx_log_setlevel() at xtrx constructor level.

Signed-off-by: Gwenhael Goavec-Merou <>

Signed-off-by: Eric Wild <>
2024-05-15 19:40:15 +02:00
apps osmocom_fft: make it work with gr >= 3.9 qwidget/pyqwidget 2022-06-10 16:30:49 +02:00
cmake Re-add mirisdr support 2022-12-28 20:00:26 +01:00
debian convert README to markdow; expand/update it slightly 2023-11-07 21:21:24 +01:00
docs Replace swig with pybind11 for gr3.9 master compat 2021-01-18 21:16:05 +01:00
grc Re-add mirisdr support 2022-12-28 20:00:26 +01:00
include/osmosdr Remove Doxygen warnings. 2021-01-28 22:15:52 +01:00
lib lib/xtrx: honouring/using the loglevel parameter 2024-05-15 19:40:15 +02:00
python Remove Doxygen warnings. 2021-01-28 22:15:52 +01:00
.gitignore add a reasonable .gitignore 2022-06-10 16:28:52 +02:00
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CMakeLists.txt Re-add mirisdr support 2022-12-28 20:00:26 +01:00
COPYING update license file to GPL v3 as in source 2012-04-21 14:07:25 +02:00 The old git:// protocol is long deprecated, use https:// instead 2023-11-07 17:14:03 +01:00 Fix copy/paste from pysim 2024-03-23 12:26:11 +01:00

gr-osmosdr - generic gnuradio SDR I/O block

While originally being developed for the OsmoSDR hardware, this block has become a generic SDR I/O block for a variety of SDR hardware, including:

By using the gr-osmosdr block you can take advantage of a common software API in your application(s) independent of the underlying radio hardware.

Homepage + Documentation

For installation and usage guidelines please read the documentation available at

For the impatient :) a short excerpt:

The Gnu Radio block requires a recent gnuradio (>= v3.7) to be installed.

Before building the block you have to make sure that all the dependencies (see list of supported devices above) you are intend to work with are properly installed. The build system of gr-osmosdr will recognize them and enable specific source/sink components thereafter.

Please note: prior pulling a new version from git and compiling it, please do a make uninstall first to properly remove the previous version.

Building with cmake:

git clone
cd gr-osmosdr/
mkdir build
cd build/
cmake ../
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

NOTE: The osmocom blocks will appear under Sources and Sinks categories in GRC menu.


We welcome any gr-osmosdr related discussions in the SDR section of the osmocom discourse (web based Forum).

Mailing List

Discussions related to libosmocore are happening on the mailing list, please see for subscription options and the list archive.

Please observe the Osmocom Mailing List Rules when posting.

Issue tracker

We are using the Osmocom redmine at


We maintain our source code in a self-hosted instance of gitea at You can send pull requests there, or send patches the old-fashioned way (git send-email) to the above-mentioned mailing list.