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Piotr Krysik 5c7a578e4f Tiding up cmake code for creating symbolic links 2016-02-17 12:08:51 +01:00
Piotr Krysik 7185b6664f Added ability to supply device arguments as parameter to applications.
Change adressing #140 enhancement request.
It is possible to select rtl-sdr dongle:
-with device index through commanline parameter: `--args="rtl=1"` (where 1 is the device index). Caution: device index is not unique identifier and it changes on each connection of the dongle.
-with devices serial number, the commandline option in this case has following form: `--args="rtl=00000001"` (where 00000001 is the serial number).

NOTE: You can set the serial number with use of:
rtl_eeprom -s <serial_number>
2016-02-14 20:24:54 +01:00
Piotr Krysik c3a822e5e4 Changed formatting of the Readme in apps directory 2016-02-14 12:06:38 +01:00
Piotr Krysik a8aab32d85 Updated readmes to include renamed applications 2016-02-13 18:38:12 +01:00
Piotr Krysik 332e0b5c6b Changes of names of applications
-removed 'airprobe' from names completely,
-removed '.py' from names,
-moved programs that don't use gr-gsm blocks to the 'apps/helpers' directory.
2016-02-13 18:37:32 +01:00
Piotr Krysik 3e192c4fbe Renamed applications. Legacy names are kept as symlinks.
The symbolic links are created with use of CMake during building.
2016-02-13 07:31:51 +01:00
Piotr Krysik 8715da0893 Fixed all hierarchical blocks in the project
by adding a hier_block class that solves incompatibility between GNU Radio >=3.7.9 and <=3.7.8
and inheriting all hierarchical blocks from it.
This commit fixes #135
2016-01-06 22:21:09 +01:00
Steve Glass e25e10e607 Remove throttling from
Signed-off-by: Piotr Krysik <>
2015-11-14 10:52:07 +01:00
Piotr Krysik 56b0a67369 Commented lines incompatible with older GNU Radio versions from 2015-10-12 08:34:15 +02:00
Roman Khassraf e2fbb87d8e Fixed class names and added sample rate correctness check in 2015-09-29 19:40:04 +02:00
Roman Khassraf 1e6871724b Fixed CMakeLists for 2015-09-27 11:29:12 +02:00
Roman Khassraf 996103f5e6 Added / to apps 2015-09-27 11:22:35 +02:00
Piotr Krysik 351d217b77 Added option of providing recording length to airporbe_rtl_sdr_capture 2015-09-20 13:53:06 +02:00
Piotr Krysik 5238a3849a Merge pull request #126 from rpp0/app-channelizer
Standalone GSM channelizer app for splitting wideband cfiles
2015-09-14 11:46:45 +02:00
Roman Khassraf f4307481cf Mandatory arfcn or frequency only for cfile input in airprobe_decode 2015-09-13 12:23:59 +02:00
Roman Khassraf 262b53dcbd Added option verbose for message printing in airprobe_decode 2015-09-13 12:14:26 +02:00
rpp 29a39b2d5e Created standalone GSM channelizer app for splitting wideband captures into multiple
per-channel files
2015-09-11 16:33:58 +02:00
Piotr Krysik c17d9a2864 Corrected CMakeLists from apps directory 2015-09-05 02:13:52 +02:00
Piotr Krysik 3558208ae9 Removed grcc compilation and added 2015-09-02 21:49:12 +02:00
Piotr Krysik 803e4f4e5c Removed airprobe_file from grc 2015-09-02 21:11:31 +02:00
Roman Khassraf 2b1ebf1f21 Implemented decoder app 2015-08-29 17:43:43 +02:00
Piotr Krysik 75927258eb Merge pull request #119 from romankh/gr-gsm-apps
App for RTL-SDR single channel capture
2015-08-25 08:25:52 +02:00
Roman Khassraf 5a8040091e Added getter/setter for arfcn 2015-08-24 20:11:10 +02:00
Roman Khassraf 7eda4801f2 Removed GUI code from 2015-08-24 20:00:48 +02:00
Roman Khassraf 529e2150aa Capturing app for single channels with RTL-SDR 2015-08-22 19:52:41 +02:00
Piotr Krysik 20d2de40b9 Correcting installation of python apps
to ${INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin directory
2015-08-17 14:19:59 +02:00
Piotr Krysik 54f335c696 Added carrier frequency shift in order to avoid DC offset. Also changed universal demappers into BCCH demapper working on TS0 and SDCCH8 demapper working on TS1 2015-08-16 21:53:44 +02:00
Piotr Krysik 0acd79accc Removed commented line from apps/CMakeLists 2015-08-15 21:54:44 +02:00
Piotr Krysik b8a26e52c6 Corrected #111 issue with generation of python code from grc files 2015-08-15 21:52:46 +02:00
Piotr Krysik 425fcf7750 Added Socket PDU UDP Server in order to avoid receiving ICMP messages from the system 2015-08-13 13:40:44 +02:00
Piotr Krysik 242522fbee Added comands building automatically grc applications
Better than manually generated python files but still not perfect as it takes many cmake lines to compile single file and grc files are compiled at every run of make.

Removed also old and not working code for building grc files.
2015-08-13 10:51:59 +02:00
ptrkrysik 5d73271301 Corrected timemeslot to timeslot 2015-06-01 22:39:53 +02:00
Martin Jesper Low Madsen a9cfa6738e Let the GUI support GSM 1800 and 1900 frequency bands. 2015-04-28 22:59:27 +02:00
David Maynor 287f9e1878 The range at bottom of frequency block wasn't updating with a change in frequency: correction in gnuradio-companion flowgraph 2015-02-15 11:51:00 +01:00
David Maynor 64d9a44975 The range at bottom of frequency block wasn't updating with a change in frequency 2015-02-15 11:46:02 +01:00
ptrkrysik a0deb1c0c4 Removed airprobe_usrp - USRP's should are supported by airprobe_rtlsdr and because of this the separate application is redundant 2015-02-15 11:40:23 +01:00
ptrkrysik c184823aea Added SACCH channel and blocks for SDCCH8/SACCH8 channels that are disabled currently 2015-02-15 11:38:44 +01:00
ptrkrysik 0b926a9627 Removed last parameter given to socket_pdu to keep compatibility with Ubuntu's 14.10 gnuradio. 2015-02-08 19:37:41 +01:00
ptrkrysik d8d4fbc6af Added timeslot nr parameter to the demapper to enable it to work on other timeslots that 0. 2015-02-07 19:37:42 +01:00
ptrkrysik 08f19737a8 Corrected to work with older gnuradio 2015-01-07 22:54:28 +01:00
ptrkrysik 9032b87afe Added gain, fc (carrier frequency) and sample frequency parameters to the rtlsdr and usrp apps. 2015-01-03 00:36:21 +01:00
ptrkrysik 3b77654b89 Merge branch 'master' of into mrjaco-master
Added appropriate changes to grc files, corrected CMakeLists files
2015-01-03 00:06:39 +01:00
Jacob Gilbert 90da960ef3 Slightly reorganized layout of GRC flographs to be consistant with snap-to-grid spacing for GR 3.7.5 2014-12-13 10:51:55 -08:00
ptrkrysik 3be74a732b Changed grgsm install directories and prefixes from "gsm" to "grgsm". The old prefix caused conflicts with libraries already available. 2014-12-13 10:11:00 +01:00
ptrkrysik 458004e3a6 Complied python applications generated from grc wit gnuradio 3.7.2 so it should work with for example Ubuntu 14.10.
Seems that systems with newer versions of gnuradio are also supported.
2014-12-06 15:36:35 +01:00
ptrkrysik 77509fa851 Updated so it works with new clock offset controll 2014-12-03 08:04:42 +01:00
ptrkrysik d4adf90a25 Increased sampling_rate of airprobe_rtlsdr 2014-11-29 00:07:05 +01:00
ptrkrysik a136ff52ec Added compiled python versions of the flowgraphs which are installed in %install_prefix%/bin . 2014-11-28 23:38:23 +01:00
ptrkrysik a41d79c8a3 Removed automatic compilation of grc apps to python as it fails too often to be worth it. 2014-11-26 23:43:47 +01:00
ptrkrysik 26183c30d1 Disabled clock offset correction parameter as it is not used currently (it might be not needed for USRP) 2014-11-21 16:31:44 +01:00