Simple AIS Transmitter
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Thanks for downloading the AIS BlackToolkit! This directory contains:

The AIS transmitter in form of GRC graph a1e4b54db83fb895a3c94493126bb318 AiS_TX.grc
The AIS transmitter in form of script kiddie script 52540b46f316ee460f4684a262132d36
An AIVDM encoder supporting the main message types 056ac09822b342da296617ba7b4055dd
The AIS Frame Builder block for GnuRadio gr-aistx
A NMEA encoder (binary to ASCII) 2534dc06c21fe53f45bd2abab96bb6a7 unpacker.c

Remember to install GnuRadio and gr-aistx first. A short description is included in each file's header.

Good luck!