Various projects around retronetworking, a sub-genre of retrocomputing related to historical data communications standards.

Mirror of

Updated 17 years ago

CAPI Application Development Kit / Mirror of

Updated 8 years ago

Fabrice Bellard's linmodem made to build on modern Linux

Updated 10 months ago

Import of historical mISDN CVS tree

Updated 10 months ago

Osmocom fork of mISDNuser, contains some local fixes which we are also submitting upstream. Also contains a CVS import with better author name/mail annotation than upstream ('cvsimport' branch)

Updated 10 months ago

E1 related hardware projects (icE1usb, osmo-e1-tap, osmo-e1-xcvr, osmo-e1-tracer)

Updated 2 weeks ago

E1 related hardware projects (osmo-e1-tap, osmo-e1-xcvr, osmo-e1-tracer)

Updated 10 months ago

Osmocom E1 Daemon (for icE1usb USB E1 adapter) and OCTOI

Updated 4 days ago

ISDN tapping/tracing/recording software. Allows to record D-channels as GSMTAP and can store raw B-channel data for calls as files. Supports only DAHDI for now.

Updated 3 months ago

First steps towards an open source implementation of the LE (Local Exchange) side of the ETSI/ITU V5 interface, in order to talk to Access Multiplexers (AN), such as Nokia EKSOS, DeTeWe ALIAN, etc.

Updated 6 days ago

Updated 10 months ago

Ancient early ISDN support for Linux 1.2.x by Matthias Urlichs (hence "u-isdn"), not related to the later isdn4linux (i4l) or mISDN. Raw tarballs used to create this are at

Updated 12 months ago

Software defined ISDN U interface for conneting NT1 (4B3T) to a sound card with at least 192KHz sample rate.

Updated 9 months ago

Sangoma wanpipe drivers

Updated 12 months ago