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Note 2023-08-23: Project has been archived since ISDN and CAPI are irrelevant now

Note 2016-06-16: Project was imported from https://sourceforge.net/projects/sfftools/

The SFF tools allow you to deal with group 3 fax documents that are stored in the "Structured Fax File" (SFF) format that is produced by most ISDN devices that adhere to the CAPI specification (see http://www.capi.org)

It contains the following tools:

  • SffView, a fax file viewer.

    Changes in V0.5.0: recompilation with wxWidgets 2.9.4. No features added or changed.

  • SffToBmp, a command-line fax file converter for many bitmap formats.

    Changes in V3.1.4: Fixed output on stdout under Windows (crash), no features added or changed.