E1 related hardware projects (icE1usb, osmo-e1-tap, osmo-e1-xcvr, osmo-e1-tracer) https://osmocom.org/projects/e1-t1-adapter/wiki
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[submodule "gateware/build"]
path = gateware/build
url = https://github.com/no2fpga/no2build.git
[submodule "gateware/cores/no2e1"]
path = gateware/cores/no2e1
url = https://github.com/no2fpga/no2e1.git
[submodule "gateware/cores/no2ice40"]
path = gateware/cores/no2ice40
url = https://github.com/no2fpga/no2ice40.git
[submodule "gateware/cores/no2misc"]
path = gateware/cores/no2misc
url = https://github.com/no2fpga/no2misc.git
[submodule "gateware/cores/no2usb"]
path = gateware/cores/no2usb
url = https://github.com/no2fpga/no2usb.git