mechanical/icE1usb-case: Update ECN with 1st production run infos

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Sylvain Munaut 2 years ago
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@ -80,8 +80,21 @@ Production version, sent to manufacturer for production.
### Manufactured
* A run of 55 cases has been done, with end panels cut by the manufacturer.
### Issues noticed
* The cases are nominally 85 mm long, however seems all of them (both from prototype and
production were slightly longer by about 0.2-0.4mm). This might be a result of the surface
* The SMA hole is very close to the chamfer of the screw hole, leaving very little material
between the two and on a couple of panels, it was ripped out or slightly bent by the end-mill
during manufacturing. Most panels were fine and some slightly bent one could be corrected,
but something to keep in mind.
* Also as a consequence of that we can't put a nut on the SMA on the inside (to grab panel by
both side). Although I'm not sure it'd be good anyway. The SMA is the only element fixed to
the panel (and thus the case), so all the forces of plugging connector are transfered through
the PCB, through the SMA to the case. (because the PCB is slightly loose in the case to account
for possible tolerances, see also comments in the PCB ECN).