Osmocom fork of mISDNuser, contains some local fixes which we are also submitting upstream. Also contains a CVS import with better author name/mail annotation than upstream ('cvsimport' branch)
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Chrisian Richter 3087536ea8 preparing for 1.1.2 16 years ago
example wait for actication request/indication by polling mISDN 16 years ago
i4lnet Added redirecting number to user stack. 16 years ago
include Moving the asn1 parse and encoding code from the mISDN sources to mISDNuser. 16 years ago
lib added 64bit check for -fPIC for .so file generation. also removed optimization, better debugging is now more important than speed i would say. 16 years ago
suppserv OBJ-variables where renamed, fixed the .so generation with new name 16 years ago
tenovis - move mqueue branch to HEAD 17 years ago
voip added possibility to port specific debug, also added portspecific debugging to if,l2,l3,net. This might have created segfaults\! therefore i have tagged mISDNuser before with mISDNuser_1_0_2. i have tested most things but not all. 16 years ago
.cvsignore Initial revision 19 years ago
CHANGES added CHANGES file to reflect the modifications 16 years ago
COPYING.LIB license 18 years ago
LICENSE license 18 years ago
Makefile preparing for 1.1.2 16 years ago