Import of historical mISDN CVS tree
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install hfcmulti /usr/sbin/misdn-init start hfcmulti
remove hfcmulti /usr/sbin/misdn-init stop
install hfcpci /usr/sbin/misdn-init start hfcpci
remove hfcpci /usr/sbin/misdn-init stop
install hfcsusb /usr/sbin/misdn-init start hfcsusb
remove hfcsusb /usr/sbin/misdn-init stop
install hfcsmini /usr/sbin/misdn-init start hfcsmini
remove hfcsmini /usr/sbin/misdn-init stop
install xhfc /usr/sbin/misdn-init start xhfc
remove xhfc /usr/sbin/misdn-init stop
install avmfritz /usr/sbin/misdn-init start avmfritz
remove avmfritz /usr/sbin/misdn-init stop
install w6692pci /usr/sbin/misdn-init start w6692pci
remove w6692pci /usr/sbin/misdn-init stop
install sedlfax /usr/sbin/misdn-init start sedlfax
remove sedlfax /usr/sbin/misdn-init stop