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misdn-init: init-script to auto-configure and load the mISDN kernel drivers

This script makes it easy to configure and activate mISDN compatible
adapter cards. It scans an eyecandy config file named misdn-init.conf
for your card and port settings, then it loads the driver modules properly.
The misdn-init.conf can also be autogenerated by the misdn-init script.

Usage: /usr/sbin/misdn-init start|stop|restart|config|scan|help

--start scan /etc/misdn-init.conf and load the mISDN drivers
--stop unload the mISDN drivers
--restart see stop, then start
--config scan your PCI bus for mISDN compatible hardware and generate
a /etc/misdn-init.conf
--scan scan your PCI bus for mISDN compatible hardware and print
the results to the console
--help print the usage info

* Here is a quick overview on how to use misdn-init:

1) Get and install misdn-init:
$ wget
$ tar zxf chan_misdn.tar.gz
$ (as root) cp chan_misdn/misdn-init /usr/sbin/misdn-init

2) Let misdn-init scan your PCI bus for mISDN compatible hardware and write
the results into /etc/misdn-init.conf:
$ (as root) /usr/sbin/misdn-init config

3) (optional) Edit /etc/misdn-init.conf and set everything the way you want it.
This file is heavily commented, hence it should be self-explaining.

4) (optional, but recommended) Add misdn-init to your run level.
This is distribution dependend. Here an example for a debian system:
ATTENTION: If you have services in your runlevels that depend
on mISDN, make sure that misdn-init starts before, and
stops after them (this is done by changing the values
that are set to 60 in this example, more info: read the
manpage for update-rc.d).
$ (as root) update-rc.d misdn-init start 60 2 3 4 5 . stop 60 0 1 6 .

5) Run the following to start mISDN:
$ (as root) /usr/sbin/misdn-init start

* Report Bugs:
If you experience any bugs or have a feature request, please visit: