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ISDN-Tunnel-Daemon "itund"
License GNU GPL
Copyright 2004-2006 SYSGO Real-Time Solutions AG
Klein-Winternheim, Germany
Copyright 2004-2006 Cytronics & Melware
ItunD is a user-space daemon to provide a network tunnel over ISDN lines. It works
similiar (and most important together with) the ISDN4Linux net-devices.
The ISDN link is provided as just another "network-card" to the kernel and can
be configured easily.
To provide the needed network interface, the generic TUN/TAP driver of kernels
2.4 and 2.6 is used. This driver is also used by
Impotant Notes
1. User-Space daemon only, no kernel patches necessary.
2. Options similar to PPPD CAPI options (pppdcapiplugin).
3. Works with ISDN4Linux (isdn_net) network (e.g. rawip).
1. ISDN card providing CAPI2.0 interface (Eicon Networks, AVM, ...)
The legacy isdn subsystem (isdn.o) is NOT necessary.
2. Enabled (and loaded) Generic TUN/TAP network driver.
When using itund on both sides, you may want to use encap "zipip"
which is basically rawip, but compressed if possible.
Callback Server (reject and call back)
itund --encap=rawip --controller=1 --protocol=hdlc \
--number=5678 --msn=1234 --demand --idle=60 \
--inmsn=1234 --coso=local --cbdelay=3
Client (expecting callback)
itund --encap=rawip --controller=1 --protocol=hdlc \
--number=1234 --msn=5678 --demand --idle=60 \
--inmsn=5678 --coso=remote --dialtimeout=1