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This is the README file for the "isdn4k-utils" package from "The i4l-crew".

This package contains the following stuff:

1. Runtime configuration tools:
  isdnctrl,   general link-level setup utility.
  iprofd,     daemon for realizing AT&W0 on ttyI's.
  icnctrl,    setup utility for the icn driver.
  hisaxctrl,  setup utility for the HiSax driver.
  avmcapictrl setup utility for the avmb1 driver.
  actctrl     setup utility for the act2000 driver.
  eiconctrl   setup utility for the eicon driver.
  divertctrl  setup utility for dss1 diversion services

2. Libraries for applications

  libcapi20   a modular CAPI20 library which supports modules for different
              Controller types such as native CAPI20 kernel drivers and
              different remote CAPI versions. A CAPI library module for
              mISDNv2 is available in the mISDNuser project.

3. Tools for monitoring activity:

  imon,       a ncurses based utility for monitoring ISDN-activities.
  imontty,    a tty based utility for monitoring ISDN-activities.
  isdnlog,    a set of utilities for connection logging.
  ipppstats   a utility for showing syncPPP statistics.
  xisdnload,  an xload-like meter.
  xmonisdn,   a utility for monitoring and controlling ISDN-activity.
  isdnmon,    a Tcl/Tk based utility for monitoring ISDN-activities.

4. Applications:

  vbox,       an answering machine/voice mailbox.
  ipppd,      daemon need for syncPPP and MPP.

5. Miscellaneous:

  scripts/   for creating the ISDN device files under /dev .

6. Documentation:

  A very detailed FAQ and the generic manpages ttyI.4, isdninfo.4,
  isdn_audio.4 and isdn_cause.7.
  Manpages for the above utilities:
  actctrl.8 avmcapictrl.8, hisaxctrl.8 icnctrl.8, eiconctrl.8, imon.8, ipppd.8,
  ipppstats.8, iprofd.8, isdnctrl.8, isdnlog.8, isdnrep.1,
  isdnrate.1, rate-files.5, xisdnload.1x and xmonisdn.1x


  This will be the last release of isdn4k-utils as is. From now 
  (February 2000) on, the package will be splitted into the 
  following packages:

  base: common configuration tools and Documentation
  isdnlog: D-Channel logging, charge calculation etc.
  audio: the answering machine vbox
  additional: ipppcomp ipppstats iprofd xisdnload xmonisdn

  hardware-dependent packages:
  hisax:   tools for passive isdn cards
  avmb1:   tools for the AVM B1/T1/M1/M2 *active* cards
           (not for Fritz!classic, Fritz!pnp, Fritz!PCI, these are in hisax)
  act2000: tools for IBM Active 2000
  eicon:   tools for Eicon.Diehl *active* cards
  icn:     tools for ICN 2B and 4B 
  loop:    tools for the loopback isdn device

  These packages will appear on when they are ready.


  Unless explicitly stated, all programs in this package can be freely
  redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the GNU General
  Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
  version 2, or (at your option) any later version.
  (see gpl-2.0.txt)

  Some parts (e.g libraries) are covered by the GNU Lesser General Public
  License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
  version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
  (see lgpl-2.1.txt)

  This package is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
  GNU General Public License for more details.

  You will find detatils about which license apply in the README files
  of the subdirectories.

System prerequisites:

  To use this package, you need a kernel with an ISDN-subsystem configured.
  To get a such a kernel, take a clean standard-kernel (Version > 2.0.37 or
  > 2.2.14 resp.) enable the isdn-related features you want and build the
  kernel as usual. Older kernels may work as well, but bugs have been found 
  and fixed, so better use the recommended versions (or above)

3. Configuration, Compilation.

   Run "make config"

   This will run an interactive configuration tool and the various
   configuration-scripts for each sub-package. (You may know that
   tool from kernel menuconfig.)
   There is a global configuration directory, where most programs
   expect their configuration files. The default is /etc/isdn.

   - Alternatively you can edit the .config file by hand (once that
     has been created once with "make config"), and run "make subconfig"
     instead. This might be useful if you want to automate the building
     of the package, e.g. for a Red Hat rpm or a Debian deb.
   Run "make"

   This builds all previously selected utilities.

4. Installation

   For the following steps, root permissions are necessary

   Install the utilities, the man pages and config-files:

     make install

   The config files usually are installed in /etc/isdn if not
   specified otherwise during configuration.

   If no existing ISDN devices in /dev are detected (via an admittedly
   simple test), script/ is run during "make install". Check
   that the permissions / groups are suitable for your needs.
   You can run the script again if necessary.

5. Application

   The directory ./etc contains an example startup-script which gets
   not installed automatically, because it MUST BE CONFIGURED IN ANY
   CASE! Please don't try to connect to the Internet without setting
   your own IP-addresses. This script is intended to be used with
   the modularised version of the ISDN-subsystem. Refer to the
   Documentation/isdn subdirectory of your kernel-source-tree for
   more information on configuring Lowlevel drivers.

   For the utilities refer to the man pages or look into their
   subdirectories for Documentation.

   For tips, troubleshooting etc. look into the FAQ subdirectory.