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.\" Process this file with
.\" groff -man -Tascii imon.8 for ASCII output, or
.\" groff -man -Tps imon.8 for PostScript output
.TH IMON 1 "September 1999" isdn4k-utils-@I4LVERSION@ "Linux System Administration"
imon \- watch ISDN activities
.BI "imon [ -q] [-p " phonebook ]
.I imon
is a ncurses based utility for watching ISDN activity.
.TP 5
.B -q
If this option is given, the facility of terminatig the program by
pressing 'Q' is disabled and the signals SIGHUP and SIGINT are caught.
This option is intended for starting imon from within an rc script
with redirecting input/output to some otherwise unused virtual console
at boot time.
.TP 5
.BI -p " phonebook"
is used to supply imon with a
.I phonebook
file. The format of a
.I phonebook
file is very
simple: Every line has two elements separated by a
The first element is a phone number which can contain wildcards.
The second element is a descriptive string. For each active connection,
this string is shown instead the phone number. Pressing 'S' toggles
between display of strings and phone numbers. Pressing 'R' rereads the
phonebook file in case of changes during program execution.
Fritz Elfert <>
.I ttyI\c
.I isdnctrl\c
.I isdninfo\c