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In this directory you find the FAQ for isdn4linux.
It contains answers for those questions that are frequently asked in the
mailing list/news group for isdn4linux (and some more).

The FAQ is now maintained in English. A German version exists, but updates
to the English version are only translated on a best effort basis.
To see the latest information always use the English version.

The source code of the FAQ is formatted in SGML, which can easily be
converted by using:
sgml2txt i4lfaq.sgml
sgml2html i4lfaq.sgml

To download converted versions, or see the latest version online,
visit the homepage of the FAQ:

or visit:

"i4lfaq.sgml" is the source code for all versions of the FAQ.

"_example" and "_howto" contain postings from the mailing list/news group that
appeared helpful/interesting to me. They may be helpful to you, but be careful:

See the FAQ for more information about the author of the FAQ.

Matthias Hessler <>