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- build without root permissions
2008-08-31 10:49:38 +00:00
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imontty.h Supply defaults for ISDN_MAX_CHANNELS and ISDN_MAX_DRIVERS if not defined. 2002-01-31 18:59:24 +00:00


* tty line ISDN status monitor
* (c) 1995-97 Volker Götz
* $Id$

imontty 0.5

This is version 0.5 of imontty, a handy program to print out the
status of all ISDN lines of the isdn4linux package.


Check SBINPATH in the Makefile for the correct path where to
install the binary.

To build the binary just type


To install the binary in its final location type

make install


To print the status of the ISDN lines type "imontty". No command
line options are supported. The output should look like this:

ISDN channel status:

Channel                 Usage Type  Number
line0                   Out   Net   07900734
line0                   Off

Usage is one of Off(line), Out(going), In(coming) or Excl(usive).

Type is one of raw (raw device), Modem (modem/tty emulation), Net
(IP interface), Voice (voice call) or Fax (fax transmission).

Number is either the called partys number (outgoing) or the
calling party number (incoming).

If you have any suggestions or error reports pleas let me know
via email to