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Recent changes made to the isdn4k-utils archive are listed here,
most recent on top.
2000/01/26 armin (Armin Schindler <>)
eiconctrl - updates for isdnlog and V1.1 package.
1999/10/12 lt (Leopold Toetch <>)
Destination database replaces country stuff and getAreacode
1999/10/08 he (Henner Eisen <
eurofile - further integration in isdn4k-utils config/built,
removed entry from distexclude file.
1999/09/06 hessler (Matthias Hessler <>
New FAQ is now moved from FAQ2 to FAQ.
1999/08/18 armin (Armin Schindler <>)
eiconctrl - XLOG retrieve function for all supported active cards added.
1999/08/03 paul (Paul Slootman <>)
ipppd - It's not fatal if a route exists when adding it.
xmonisdn - possible security problems
See manpage 'SECURITY ISSUES' section for details. In short,
xmonisdn now refuses to run setuid root to prevent shell
scripts being run with root permissions.
1999/06/23 paul (Paul Slootman <>)
xisdnload - fixed problem when more than one channel is in use.
1999-06-29 he (Henner Eisen <
eurofile - eftp4linux EUROFILE implementation initially checked in
1999/06/07 paul (Paul Slootman <>)
This file started!
isdnctrl - added `status' command, which shows the connection status of
interfaces (connected yes/no, to what number).
ipppd - now should work on kernel 2.3.x (allocation failed in