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Peter Marschall 232fa2e196 lib/ convert .config -> scripts/ 11 years ago
Rolf Leggewie 3a58e36e8a fix spelling mistake s/seperat/separat/ 11 years ago
Karsten Keil fcaa9126fa Compile the isdn library with -fPIC 11 years ago
tobiasb 0062f5431d - replaced prototype for basename() by #include <libgen.h> 16 years ago
keil 9d0dfbfd87 fix some issues with newer gcc (mostly aliasing) 17 years ago
tobiasb 658e05fadb Minor fixes, required by gcc-3.4: Label at end of block, double function 19 years ago
tobiasb 6d14cc8aad The modifications remove a bug which occurs when dealing with special 20 years ago
paul 8b1a259129 Add "#define CCODE_OTHER 9999" for defining behaviour in 21 years ago
paul 78aeecb340 Added missing endpwent() call that meant /etc/passwd was being kept open; 22 years ago
paul f17c3ba564 Now isdnlog doesn't use any more ISDN_XX defines to determine the way it works. 23 years ago
akool 340b80cf14 increased BUFSIZ 23 years ago
akool 9cd5faf53b - lib/ ... no cp GNUmakefile 23 years ago
paul 4ea8154e96 Added { } to suppress egcs warnings. 24 years ago
akool a9c6ab312a isdnlog-3.58 24 years ago
akool f7e13abfde removed avon-, vorwahl- and areacodes-support 24 years ago
akool 47c42c59f9 not required references to libndbm removed 24 years ago
paul 1e1bbe45bf glibc 2.1 compatibility 24 years ago
akool 7fddd627e4 - first try to add the 1999 tarif of the German Telekom 24 years ago
luethje 846b052226 isdnlog: Added the switch -K 25 years ago
luethje 343a6f81ab isdnlog: evaluate the variable PATH for program starts. 25 years ago
luethje e1d10fddbf isdnrep and lib: bugfixes 25 years ago
akool 31048f5b41 - quick and dirty Call-History in "-m" Mode (press "h" for more info) added 25 years ago
akool 15abb04d17 Renamed old to new zone-names (CityCall, RegioCall, GermanCall, GlobalCall) 25 years ago
paul 43357c9425 More paranoid about freeing pointers. 25 years ago
paul ddb0c21bd9 Oops, the temp string _was_ necessary. Made it static so that returning a 25 years ago
paul 25f3937b1e function Find_Section returned pointer to local automatic variable. Local 25 years ago
luethje 679f1922ed Some changes for "vorwahlen.dat" 25 years ago
luethje 7ba7263755 Added support for VORWAHLEN2.EXE 25 years ago
paul f2abd95a27 Fixed compiler warnings from egcs. 25 years ago
luethje 64d039cff4 Patches by Paul Slootman 25 years ago
luethje f15626a998 added the option "force" for the commands delif and reset 26 years ago
luethje 61a65e70af bugfixes 26 years ago
luethje 89d58c2d0c some bugfixes 26 years ago
luethje 0c4679d06a isdnlog: close all files and open again after kill -HUP 26 years ago
luethje 32294ed9c3 bugfix for isdnconf 26 years ago
luethje 02f1102b7d - bugfix: it is possible to install isdnlog now 26 years ago
luethje ea361dffb2 isdnlog: new switch -O 26 years ago
luethje 82b48f9f68 new structure of isdnrep completed. 26 years ago
luethje 811bd4b9b6 some bugfixes, README completed 26 years ago
luethje a95ea83b2e allows the character `"' in the program argument like the shell. 26 years ago
luethje 548dd7c055 replace variables: some bugfixes, README comleted 26 years ago
luethje f6b03058b0 some bug fixes 26 years ago
luethje d1997beda6 Added the feature, that environment variables are allowed in the config files. 26 years ago
luethje d38c0170dd Create the file isdn.conf 26 years ago
luethje d5215e576a Bugfix: isdnlog is running again ;-) 26 years ago
luethje 0470bc659c bug fixes: environ variables are working again, no seg. 11 :-) 26 years ago
fritz 2a62aa9e4f Bugfix: Changes for bash-2.00.0: 26 years ago
fritz 29e9df31dc Fixed 2 typos 26 years ago
fritz e4b959d13e Added capbility to override CFLAGS from commandline. 26 years ago
luethje 3b5555f28f improved performance 26 years ago