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Peter Marschall d8a09e3241 imon/ hard-code man-page dates & autoreconf 11 years ago
Peter Marschall 49bcedd1c0 imon: autoreconf 11 years ago
Peter Marschall 5130cd4cfa imon/ updated from 11 years ago
Karsten Keil ec87f94851 Eensure that sections in manpages are consistent (lintian errors) 11 years ago
Karsten Keil 9ce26023ad imon update 11 years ago
keil db60777e01 First changes to compile utils without /usr/src/linux/drivers/isdn 21 years ago
paul 4e24d12860 Explicitly set stdio buffer for /dev/isdninfo to 2048, as it has 21 years ago
keil fe14dca76c - Fix some glibc header file problems 21 years ago
paul b75c120cc0 imon wasn't devfs-compliant yet. 22 years ago
armin 238f8bf530 fixed status output if channels are in 23 years ago
fritz 2d39cb2f2e Changed my mail-address. 24 years ago
calle 0be46f502d autoconf macro AC_CHECK_HEADER[S] fails now with absolute path. 24 years ago
keil e3a1cf85c0 Fixed autoconfig for 2.0.36 25 years ago
akool 31048f5b41 - quick and dirty Call-History in "-m" Mode (press "h" for more info) added 25 years ago
fritz 8b8e2b0e94 Get rid of including ../.config in Makefile 26 years ago
fritz d558e1dbb3 Corrected some Copyright notes to refer to GPL. 26 years ago
fritz e4b959d13e Added capbility to override CFLAGS from commandline. 26 years ago
luethje 3d80500d19 inserted the line #include <errno.h> in avmb1/avmcapictrl.c and imon/imon.c, 26 years ago
fritz 3cfc218cb5 Tons of changes. 26 years ago
fritz d4b424274c New CVS tree 26 years ago