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Peter Marschall 6cea8d15ed pcbit: drop unusable remnants
With the un-distributable confhexbin.c file, that provided the essential
function convhexbin(), gone, it is not sensible ito keep the ruins that
do not compile any more.

Thanks to git, the 'pcbitctrl' utility can get resusitated once someone
writes a free convhexbin() routine that is compliant to the unfree one..
Until then: R.I.P.
2012-04-21 18:41:32 +02:00
Rolf Leggewie 2e05b4ff2f README: "Until" should probably read as "Unless" here 2012-03-29 21:04:30 +02:00
Rolf Leggewie 0e3056a440 fix spelling error s/explicitely/explicitly/ 2012-03-29 16:36:40 +02:00
Karsten Keil c064ef8352 Remove copies of the GPL/LGPL
Will be replaced by links.

Signed-off-by: Karsten Keil <>
2012-01-08 18:47:56 +01:00
keil 7cbc98d18c remove telesctrl 2000-06-20 10:30:39 +00:00
kai c4dab31076 cosmetics 2000-01-31 15:27:59 +00:00
kai da01e22cfa small documentation changes due to the upcoming release 2000-01-30 17:30:32 +00:00
akool a9c6ab312a isdnlog-3.58
- big cleanup ( > 1.3 Mb removed!)
  - v0.02 of destination support - better, but not perfect
    (does't work with gcc- yet - use egcs!)
1999-10-26 18:17:11 +00:00
werner 3e8938f833 Added divertctrl description 1999-07-05 21:19:12 +00:00
armin 7d2a85f6ef Added new eicon directory and eiconctrl tool. 1999-01-01 17:48:24 +00:00
paul 742d69001f Added scripts/; chgrp's devices if appropriate groups exist;
"make install" now calls scripts/ if /dev/isdnctrl0 doesn't exist;
README enhanced with info.
1998-10-13 12:54:43 +00:00
paul c10addc268 Added capability to change .config by hand and run "make subconfig" to
process those changes. Useful in automated building (e.g. for RH packages).
1998-08-01 19:59:10 +00:00
fritz 2da1759424 Some small updates, fixed a typo. 1997-10-26 23:23:00 +00:00
fritz 80dbcda46c Bugfix: Detection of kernel directory did not reset CPPFLAGS.
Some preparations for the first beta release.
1997-05-25 23:36:23 +00:00
fritz d558e1dbb3 Corrected some Copyright notes to refer to GPL. 1997-05-17 12:23:24 +00:00
fritz 6e5ac8916f Added loopctrl utility. 1997-03-24 23:38:37 +00:00
fritz 3cfc218cb5 Tons of changes.
New toplevel Makefile
added xisdnload, xmonisdn, toplevel config for isdnload
Added new interactive configuration utility using lxdialog.
Some adaptions for existing packages.
Some corrections in man pages.
1997-03-02 19:41:56 +00:00
fritz 2369db1c7f Added description of I4LCONFDIR.
Some spelling corrections.
1997-02-22 14:46:09 +00:00
fritz d4b424274c New CVS tree 1997-02-17 00:08:36 +00:00