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* Added hints for 64bit hardware
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@ -2,11 +2,15 @@ In this directory you find the FAQ for isdn4linux.
It contains answers for those questions that are frequently asked in the
mailing list/news group for isdn4linux (and some more).
The FAQ is now only available in English. Its source code is formatted in
SGML, which can easily be converted by using:
sgml2txt i4lfaq.sgml
The FAQ is now maintained in English. A German version exists, but updates
to the English version are only translated on a best effort basis.
To see the latest information always use the English version.
The source code of the FAQ is formatted in SGML, which can easily be
converted by using:
sgml2txt i4lfaq.sgml
sgml2html i4lfaq.sgml
sgml2html i4lfaq.sgml
To download converted versions, or see the latest version online,
visit the homepage of the FAQ:
@ -22,7 +26,7 @@
"_example" and "_howto" contain postings from the mailing list/news group that
appeared helpful/interesting to me. They may be helpful to you, but be careful:
See the FAQ for more information about the author of the FAQ.

@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
<title>FAQ for isdn4linux
<author>Matthias Hessler (<tt><htmlurl url="" name=""></tt>)
<date>v2.0.89, 16. August 2004
<date>v2.0.90, 24. October 2004
If you are reading this FAQ online, you may consider downloading the whole
thing, and reading it offline (much cheaper). To download the latest
@ -518,6 +518,8 @@ Here is a German website which has some nice installation instructions:
<tt><url url=""></tt> or
<tt><url url=""></tt> or
<tt><url url=""></tt>
Please note that due to its binary nature, this driver will not work
if your distribution is incompatible with it (e.g. based on 64 bit).
This interface follows the official CAPI 2.0 standard that was established
@ -1082,6 +1084,16 @@ Yes, this works nicely. However, make sure to compile the kernel and all
modules with option <tt/SMP/. If you run into problems when both CPUs try to
handle the same IRQ, try to boot with <tt/noapic/.
<sect1> hardware_64bit: Can I run isdn4linux on 64bit hardware with Linux?
<label id="hardware_64bit">
In principle yes, however your hardware choice is currently limited to
active cards and external devices. Most desired are external devices using
standard interfaces (network, USB) which do not require isdn4linux at all.
The drivers for passive cards are currently not working under 64bit.
Obviously you can also not make use of binary drivers, unless you find a
binary compiled for 64bit.
<sect1> hardware_alpha: Can I run isdn4linux on a DEC Alpha with Linux?
<label id="hardware_alpha">