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You will need 'wget' installed in your path so the build system
can download the dependancies.
1) Prepare Automake
2) Edit modules.conf and adjust to taste.
3) Choose one of the following:
*) Build The Entire Project (reccommended)
make installall
*) Do it yourself step by step:
make install
make modules
make install_mod
*) Rebuild all the dependancies
make megaclean
*) Build freeswitch without automatically installing the support libraries (you will need to manually build them all):
make nodepends
Windows 32:
Requires: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or
Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition and Platform SDK
Internet connectivity to download dependency libraries
1) Open /w32/vsnet/Freeswitch.sln
2) Choose Release or Debug build
3) Build solution or your choice of modules using the ide.