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- document which fields are in NBO/HBO, and check for consistency.
- move HAVE_U_LONG_LONG inside of datatypes.c, or some other
separate file
- re-write to make cross-compilation easier
- eliminate GENERIC_AESICM by generalizing the code a bit
Older comments
- add tests for key_limit_t datatype
- move octet_get_weight() from datatypes.c to math.c (any other
Changes and additions planned
Make cipher and auth dealloc() functions zeroize the key-storage
areas before calling free().
Eliminate key_len from auth_init()
Doucument internal APIs (cipher, auth, srtp_protect, ...)
SRTP options not (yet) included in this libaray:
- the aes-f8-mode cipher
- the Master Key Index
- re-keying using the key derivation function (only the initial
use of the PRF has been implemented, as it's sufficient
for most uses)
strip out test/lfsr.c
Write new documentation!!!
Fix the x86 assembly code in aes.c.
Eliminate /* DAM */ - there's one in srtp.c
Change debugging so that it can print more than one line. Or perhaps
just change it so that a single check of the debug-enabled flag is
Improve interface between cipher and rdbx - perhaps generalize rdbx
into 'nonce' datatype.
Make rijndael_icm accept variable sized keys.
Add rdbx functions that allow different-sized explicit sequence
numbers to be used.
Write uniform byte-buffering code for PRFs, preferably as macros.
Consider eliminating low-level alloc functions in favor of len()
functions, so that there need not be multiple allocations within a
particular alloc() function.