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Compatibility changes
PR #253 - Cipher type cleanup for AES
When libSRTP is compiled with OpenSSL and the AES 256 ICM cipher is used
with RTCP an incorrect initialization vector is formed.
This change will break backwards compatibility with older versions (1.5,
2.0) of libSRTP when using the AES 256 ICM cipher with OpenSSL for RTCP.
PR #259 - Sequence number incorrectly masked for AES GCM IV
The initialization vector for AES GCM encryption was incorrectly formed on
little endian machines.
This change will break backwards compatibility with older versions (1.5,
2.0) of libSRTP when using the AES GCM cipher for RTCP.
PR #287 - Fix OOB read in key generation for encrypted headers with GCM ciphers
Adds padding of GCM salt to the corresponding ICM length used for header
This change will break backwards compatibility with version 2.0 of libSRTP
when using the header encryption extension with the AES GCM cipher.
Major changes
PR #204 - OpenSSL performance improvements
Changed key expansion to occur once per key instead of once per packet.
PR #209 - Restore AES-192 under BoringSSL
BoringSSL supports AES-192 and is now enabled in libSRTP.
PR #224 - Master Key Identifiers (MKI) Support patch
Adds MKI support with up to 4 keys.
PR #234 - Report SSRC instead of srtp_stream_t in srtp_event_data_t
srtp_stream_t is an opaque type making the event framework almost useless.
Now the SSRC is returned instead for use as a key in the public API.
PR #238 - Configure changes and improvements
CFLAGS check more shell neutral, quotation fixes, always generate and
install pkg-config file, improved OpenSSL discovery and linking, remove
-fPIC flag on Windows, fix shared library generation under Cygwin, replace
hardcoded CFLAGS with compiler checks, and regenerate configure after changes.
PR #241 & PR #261 - Improved logging API to receive log messages from libSRTP
Provides a logging API and the ability to enable logging to stdout and a
file, as well as a switch to enable all internal debug modules.
PR #289 - Added support for set and get the roll-over-counter
Adds an API to set and get the ROC in an (S)RTP session.
PR #304 - Fix (S)RTP and (S)RTCP for big endian machines
The structures srtp_hdr_t, srtcp_hdr_t and srtcp_trailer_t were defined
incorrectly on big endian systems.
Other changes
PR #149 - Don't create a symlink if there is no $(SHAREDLIBVERSION)
PR #151 - Make srtp_driver compile for MIPS
PR #160 - Use PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG to find correct pkg-config
PR #167 - Additional RTCP and SRTCP tests
PR #169 - Identified merge conflict created by commit 6b71fb9
PR #173 - Avoid error 'possibly undefined macro: AM_PROG_AR'
PR #174 - Avoid warning 'The macro AC_TRY_LINK is obsolete.'
PR #175 - Remove 2nd -fPIC
PR #182 - Add a length check before reading packet data
PR #191 - On debug, output correct endianness of SSRC
PR #192 - Replace octet_string_is_eq with a constant-time implementation
PR #195 - Add missing __cplusplus header guards
PR #198 - Update sha1_driver.c to avoid memory leaks
PR #202 - Add an explicit cast to avoid a printf format warning on macOS
PR #205 - Update Windows build files to Visual Studio 2015
PR #207 - Fix to install-win.bat syntax, and add installation of x64 libraries
PR #208 - Make replace_cipher and replace_auth public again
PR #211 - Changes for OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility
PR #213 - Add cast to `unsigned int` in call to printf in test
PR #214 - Avoid empty initializer braces
PR #222 - Fix issue: No consistency when use some srtp_* functions
PR #231 - Advance version on master in preparation for 2.1 release
PR #232 - Update Travis, do not build with OpenSSL on OSX
PR #233 - crypto/replay/rdbx.c: Return type of srtp_index_guess from int to
PR #236 - test/rtp_decoder.c: Removed superfluous conditional
PR #237 - test/rtp_decoder.c: spring cleaning
PR #239 - octet_string_set_to_zero() delegates to OPENSSL_cleanse() if
available, if not it will use srtp_cleanse() to zero memory
PR #243 - EKT is not really supported yet, remove from install
PR #244 - Add simple error checking in timing test to avoid false results
PR #245 - Add missing srtp_cipher_dealloc calls when test fails
PR #246 - test/rtp_decoder: Add missing conditional
PR #248 - New that integrates intro, credits and references from
/doc/ and is used to generate documentation
PR #249 - Remove support for generic aesicm from
PR #250 - Update, incorrect tag for link
PR #255 - Cleanup outdated comment related to MKI
PR #258 - Add AES-GCM to DTLS-SRTP Protection Profiles
PR #263 - Cleaning up and removing duplicated and outdated code
PR #265 - Introduction of unit test framework: CUTest
PR #267 - crypto/kernel/err.c: Include datatypes.h
PR #272 - Reduce literal constants
PR #273 - SRTP AEAD SRTCP initialization vector regression tests
PR #274 - Update Travis build - add ccache
PR #276 - Reference and docs updates
PR #278 - Removed crypto/test/auth_driver.c and test/lfsr.c
PR #279 - Bump copyright year
PR #283 - Add missing docs in srtp.h
PR #284 - Add strict-prototypes warning if supported
PR #291 - Use const char * for srtp_set_debug_module()
PR #294 - Fix incorrect result of rdb_increment on overflow
PR #300 - Standalone tests
PR #301 - Configure fixes
PR #302 - Fix warning regarding unused variable
PR #303 - Add gnu as match for shared lib suffix