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* libZRTP SDK library, implements the ZRTP secure VoIP protocol.
* Copyright (c) 2006-2009 Philip R. Zimmermann. All rights reserved.
* Contact:
* For licensing and other legal details, see the file zrtp_legal.c.
* Viktor Krykun <v.krikun at>
#ifndef __ZRTP_TEST_QUEUE_H__
#define __ZRTP_TEST_QUEUE_H__
#include "zrtp.h"
#define ZRTP_QUEUE_SIZE 2000
typedef struct zrtp_queue_elem {
char data[1500];
uint32_t size;
mlist_t _mlist;
} zrtp_queue_elem_t;
typedef struct zrtp_queue zrtp_queue_t;
zrtp_status_t zrtp_test_queue_create(zrtp_queue_t** queue);
void zrtp_test_queue_destroy(zrtp_queue_t* queue);
void zrtp_test_queue_push(zrtp_queue_t* queue, zrtp_queue_elem_t* elem);
zrtp_queue_elem_t* zrtp_test_queue_pop(zrtp_queue_t* queue);
#endif /* __ZRTP_TEST_QUEUE_H__ */