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Travis Cross a9977a7cac debian: separate out libfreeswitch1 11 years ago
build add conf for mod_xml_scgi 11 years ago
clients/flex The new jquery.tmpl wants tmpl() instead of render() 12 years ago
cmake_modules Initial CMAKE file commit 14 years ago
conf mod_voicemail: Improved feedback to user when chaning vm passwords. 11 years ago
debian debian: separate out libfreeswitch1 11 years ago
docs docs: vanity 11 years ago
dtd xmllint --dtdvalid freeswitch_dialplan.dtd /usr/local/freeswitch/conf/default_context.xml >>/dev/null 15 years ago
freeswitch.xcodeproj cmake updates 14 years ago
fscomm Update a ton of copyright statements to make sure the dates are proper 11 years ago
htdocs add this from CtRiX -- Thanks. 15 years ago
libs add libscgi (SCGI Client) 11 years ago
patches zrtp tweaks, more coming 13 years ago
scripts ci: expect that jenkins might do this itself 11 years ago
src Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 11 years ago
support-d we might want this at some point ;-) 11 years ago
w32 FS-4046 --resolve windows xml vanilla thanks 11 years ago
web add back empty dirs 13 years ago
.gitignore debian: add new and vastly improved packaging for Debian 11 years ago make sure .version is populated on builds from non svn working copies 13 years ago
CMakeLists.txt FSBUILD-192 14 years ago
Freeswitch.2005.unsupported.sln bye bye iax 13 years ago FS-3414 --resolve 12 years ago
Freeswitch.2008.sln fix vs2008 pro project dependency for mod_gsmopen - if anyone wants the solution files for express and wants to help please open a Jira with a patch and I will review it. 11 years ago
Freeswitch.2008.sln.debug.bat merge some changes from joshrivers branch 13 years ago
Freeswitch.2008.sln.release.bat rename 13 years ago VS2010 Express build fixes and remove mod_file_string 12 years ago
Freeswitch.2010.sln changes for mod_gsmopen for vs2010 11 years ago
INSTALL build progress break everything 16 years ago Missed a grep 11 years ago
acinclude.m4 FS-3182: fix mod_dingaling/iksemel/gnutls link error when using newer autotools 12 years ago wait more simply now that we've found the problem 11 years ago release FreeSWITCH 1.2-rc2 11 years ago Changed permissions for 12 years ago
erlang.spec ci/centos: add erlang module support files 11 years ago
freeswitch-sounds-en-us-callie.spec centos: rework CentOS spec files 11 years ago
freeswitch-sounds-music.spec centos: rework CentOS spec files 11 years ago
freeswitch-sounds-ru-RU-elena.spec centos: rework CentOS spec files 11 years ago
freeswitch.spec don't use -j anywhere but 11 years ago
swig_common.i add 11 years ago